• 18.02.2024 - Update

    Version 1.119:
    - Dekaran New 345+ lowered xp multiplier
    - Dekaran New 345+ lowered chip/gem droprate from normal monsters
    - Added code to automatically unstuck stucked characters

  • 14.02.2024 - Update

    Version 1.119:
    - Dekadun fixed a bug where Heblossom are invisible
    - Trade Bunnys will now stay until a server maintenance

  • 11.02.2024 - Update

    Version 1.118:
    - Evolution Encounter Elite I changed GWH Bossroom Souls to Cyborgs
    - Evolution Ecnounter Elite II reduced Life scaling with playercount
    - Removed 120-149 Weapon from Zone Drops (was implement in Version 1.28 because there was no "Old Ran")
    - Genus Scaled Event reduced Monsterdmg
    - Genus Scaled Event increased XP-Multiplier x3 -> x4
    - LP-Shop EXP-Capsules are now tradeable/sellable

  • 05.02.2024 - Update

    Version 1.116:
    - Fixed a Bug where Pet Legnock couldn't dropped in Dekaran Old (Event 275+)
    - Bulkan Hellcry reduced AOE-Monster-Cound 10 -> 5
    - Bulkan Hellcry increased DMG from Hellcry 1.0 -> 1.5
    - S1 - Saith Serpent increased Rough Regent Diamond droprate from 80% -> 100%

  • 19.01.2024 - Update

    Version 1.115:
    - New 2nd weapon balances implemented
    - Client added Hotkey "N" to Enable/Disable your Radar
    - Client added Hotkey "B" to Enable/Disable some UI-Element
    - Changed Strongbox rewards (added new Items to it)
    - LP-Shop added x2 lvl 320-329
    - LP-Shop added x3 lvl 270-279

  • 28.12.2023 - Update

    Version 1.114:
    - Evolution-Encounter Elite I - Added Weapon/Armor Fragments Refining Agent to Mob-Drop
    - Evolution Ball Elite I reduced Price 50m -> 25m (also LP reduced)
    - Added Evolution Ball Elite II - 50m in Shilon / 200 LP Laglamia
    - Opened Evolution Encounter 345+ (bookable with Evolution Ball Elite II)
    - Removed Christmas Event Items
    - Added Armor LVL 360 Receips to Zone-Droprate in S1
    - Added Sub-Weapon Receipts zo Zone-Droprate in S1

  • 03.12.2023 - Update

    Version 1.113:
    - Dekaren New 345+ Legnock increased HP x10 -> x12
    - Dekaren New Instance level cannot be changed once it is set

  • 29.11.2023 - Update

    Version 1.112:
    - Christmas Event, fixed a bug where Christmas-Monster are invisible
    - Dekaran New, if group is on Legnock Monster waves and you port fresh into the instance, you will get directly to Floor 2 instead of Floor 1

  • 25.11.2023 - Update

    Version 1.111:

    - Activated Special Christmas-Event more Info on Discord
    - Increased Feragon Max. Level up to 150
    - Added new Pet-Production Buff-Capsules ( 18% Att / 18% Def ) for 1 Hour
    - LP Shop 100% XP Buff for Labyiong also now count for Feragon up to Level 59.
    - S1 Increased XP Multiplier from 3 -> 4
    - S1 Droprates increased
    - S1 Added SoulPower/Ice Crystal to Zone-Droplist
    - S1 reduced respawn time from Saith Serpent ~1 hour -> ~15 Minutes
    - Laglamia added NPC's for production and receips
    - Added Dekaran New Stage 345+
    - Dekaran New (Stage 300 and 345) , Gondra + WildSkull are now possible for Human Collection Device on Success you get Purification Kit / Processing Equipments. (Better Chance to collect on higher stage)

  • 17.09.2023 - Update

    Version 1.110:
    - Bugfix Guild-List shows now if guild member is in zone Dekaran (Old)
    - 34x Armor random% can now be upgraded to max 10% on NPC in Laglamia (like the 32x and 28x armors)
    - 34x Armor random% upgrading from -10% to +5% cost only "1" Lime.
    - Homepage added 34x ArmorDEF % Sheet

  • 09.09.2023 - Update

    Version 1.109:
    - CastleWar stacked potions bugfix, now disabled in whole zone while CastleWar is active
    - Implemented old Map of Dekaran
    - Implemented and activated Event: Special Old Dekaran for Level 275+ (more Information in FAQ)

  • 02.09.2023 - Update

    Version 1.108:
    - Guardian bugfix, that allowed multiple characters in the equal guardian party
    - Increased 275-Map Keydrops slightly
    - PVP reduced reflect damage 50% -> 30%
    - Shilon-War deactivated stacked potions
    - CastleWars Crystal holder decreased damage done 150% -> 125%
    - CastleWars Crystal holder decreased reduced defense 50% -> 80%
    - Bugfix Turan - Teleporting into bossrooms with new coordinates
    - Guardian - reduced time for disband and renew a guardian 7 Day -> 1 Day
    - Pet - Max-Experience are now Labyion 4 Billion, Feragon 10 Billion

  • 21.08.2023 - Update

    Version 1.107:
    - Labyion/Feragon decreased hungryness by 50%
    - Labyion/Feragon decreased rate of animation by 50%
    - DEF-Feragon renamed Skill Bless to Breath
    - DEF-Feragon Skill Breath changed formular more information on FAQ
    - ATK-Feragon increased ATK-Range 30 -> 100
    - ATK-Feragon increased Poisen-Skill-DMG x2
    - ATK-Feragon increased Poisen-Skill-Targets on Lv.91+ 3 -> 4
    - ATK-Feragon increased Paralyse-Skill chance on inflict Paralyse by 35%
    - ATK-Feragon increased Cold-Skill chance on inflict Cold by 30 %
    - ATK-Feragon decreased Time of Paralyse/Cold-Skill on NPC
    - ATK-Ferageon changed Black-Hole-Skill more information on FAQ

  • 07.08.2023 - Update

    Version 1.106:
    - AMR-Group fixed a bug that high-levels also got low level map quests
    - AMR-Group fixed a bug where a pet count as a player for the mobkill
    - LP-Shop reduced prices for EXP-Capsules
    - LP-Shop added x2 range 310-319
    - Laglamia-Map increased fix XP-Multiplier 2 -> 5
    - Dekardi-Map increased fix XP-Multiplier 2 -> 4
    - Dekadun-Map increased fix XP-Multiplier 2 -> 3
    - Dekaran-Map increased fix XP-Multiplier 2 -> 3
    - Shilon-Map increased fix XP-Multiplier 2 -> 3

  • 16.04.2023 - Update

    Version 1.105:
    - Hammer-Hybrid Female increases 261 Weapon Size
    - Hammer-Hybrid changed 350 Weapon size
    - 261 Blood Dual Sword and 261 Spike Hammer now also got visual effect on +4/+12/+15 stage (like the other 261 Weapons).
    - GuildHunt (Evolution Encounter) fixed a bug on cancelling EE could block an timeslot.
    - LP-Shop Added Recall-Device time limited 7/30 days
    - 275-Maps added Boss-Key as Zone-Drop to Level 301-330 Monsters for each Map (Turan = Turan Key, Balkaryia = Balk Key, ...).

  • 31.03.2023 - Update

    Special-Easter Event! Infos:

    - The Warp-Item for the Easter-Dungeon will be dropped from monsters in Laglamia.
    - Special quests will be sent to Caru-Event-Trader to the highest character on your account.
    - Event-Item will have an timer on it and will vanish after 30 days

  • 15.03.2023 - Update

    Version 1.104:
    - Reduced timer of respawn from Serpent/Cornu Serpent 3h -> 1h
    - Removed spawns from Serpent Queen because of issue if 2x Serpent or Cornu Serpent are alive, the add spawns are buggy.

  • 11.03.2023 - Update

    Version 1.103:
    - Guild List Hybrid race now shows correctly instead of Aidia
    - Guild List shows only online players (complete Memberliste could be shown by Master/Sub-Master where you could also kick Members)
    - Guild List Button for Recruiting is now shown correctly instead of just a small black line

  • 04.03.2023 - Update

    Version 1.102:
    - GuildHunt (Evolution Encounter) shows now which difficulty are registered
    - Fixed a bug where GuildHunt difficulty is wrong set if you book for tomorrow
    - Fixed a bug where it was possibly that GuildHunt does not start
    - Homepage fixed a bug where Player-Ranking 'Offline' is shown in portugese language

  • 24.02.2023 - Update

    Version 1.101:
    - Added stacked potions to Dmitron/Turan/Balk/Barsha/Queiz/Beargrid/S1
    - Changed Bulkan 350 Weapon DMG Balance (increased main dmg, lowered scaling factor)
    - Slighty increase Aidian DMG
    - 275 Bosses lowered respawn time from 15 -> 5 minutes
    - Fixed a visual bug in summed up overall exp. Is now shown correctly in client
    - Fixed a 350-360 Quest which shows "0"-Monsters needed (Just tell me if you find more like that)
    - Reduced Respawn from SerpentQueen to 15 Minutes
    - Reduced Drop-Rate for time-limited +15 Armor-Drops on Serpent Queen (50% Chance for each piece)
    - New SerpentQueen ruleset, please check Discord for it!

  • 22.02.2023 - Update

    Version 1.100:
    - Increased HP on Saith Serpent S1 Boss

  • 18.02.2023 - Update

    Version 1.99:
    - Added Wand Charger lv3 + lv4 to NPC in GWH
    - 350 Weapon morph is now possible in GWH (25% chance)
    - 350 Weapon Upgrading is active and capped to +4 (Upgrade rates in Discord FAQ)
    - 340 Armor produce NPC is now available in Laglamia
    - 340 Armor can be upgraded by normal Upgrade NPC where you can upgrade 320-Set/280-Set, too. (Upgrade rates in Discord FAQ)
    - Opened Map S1 Lv.350 (You can warp from Dmitron Magria Castle or with LP Pet from Laglamia)
    - S1 Map set EXP standard multiplier to x3
    - S1 Map increased EXP (compared to Original Map) from Reptile Hyena, Hammer Tail and Reptile Jaws
    - S1 Boss Saith Serpent only reward 1 time per day (like the 275 Map Bosses/Dekaran Lab Bosses)
    - S1 Boss Saith Serpent reduced respawn timer to 1 hour
    - Added new Quest from Level 350 upto 400 (also for S1)
    - Added min. - max. Level-Range to 3-Man-Group-Quests f.e. with Level 351, you only can get quests from Beargrid and S1
    - 3-Man-Group-Quests lowered Monstercount
    - Increased Guardian trainee Level from Lv. 150 to Lv. 200
    - Guardian activated Fame points for every successfully finished Guardian
    - Guardian Fame-Point NPC Added in Laglamia (near Drake-Hunter Ranking)
    - Catch-UP LP-Weapon-NPC Added 210+12 Weapons (also for Hybrid)
    - Catch-UP added XP (x2 Capsules Lv. 300-309 / x3 Lv. 260-269 )
    - Split Up Main-LP-NPC into 3 different NPC ( Catch-UP XP / LP-Pets / Other )
    - NPC LP-Pets added new LP-Pets
    - Pet-Items added naming (L) and (R) after name for left slot and right slot
    - Added new NPC for Upgrading Strongboxes (in Laglamia)
    - Added new Strongbox Type "Diamond Box" and "Diamond Key", they can be upgraded OR found in Forlorn Ruin S1
    - Added Diamond Box rates to Homepage
    - Reduces PvM kumulative damage from Monsters, f.e. Shining Jackal
    - Reduces PvM curse times from Monsters

  • 30.01.2023 - Update

    Version 1.98:
    - Implemented and activated Special Valentines-Day Event (runs until 15th Feb. more information on Discord)
    - Implemented new Event 2x Exp and 1.5x Lime from Quests

  • 27.12.2022 - Update

    Version 1.97:
    - Evolution Balls from LP Shop are now without timespan and tradeable (but not sellable)
    - LP-Shop added Catch-UP Lv. 280-289 double exp.
    - LP-Shop added Catch-UP Lv. 290-299 double exp.

  • 30.11.2022 - Update

    Christmas special, check Caru-Event-Trader everyday!
    More informations on Discord!

    Version 1.96:
    - Added more timeslots for Evolution Encounter
    - Adjusted Evolution Encounter I

  • 20.11.2022 - Update

    Version 1.95:
    - Changed models for AMR-PRO and AMR-GROUP
    - Activated Christmas Event (more Information on Discord)
    - Added Evolution-Encounter difficulty Elite I, there is a new "Evolution Ball Elite I" in the Shops in Shilon (and also in LP Shop).

  • 20.11.2022 - Update

    Version 1.94:
    - Fixxed a bug in Random Event, if Lime x2/3 is active, Leaders had problems with guilds (Loosing their Guild, changing randomly Guild owner)
    - Added Pet-Buff Icons for EXP (DEF/ATT not yet ingame but also working now)
    - Pet Capsule Creation: (Pet Researcher in Lost Realm Castle) Instantly exchanges all hyper capsules in the exchange window for the desired Pet Capsule.
    - Guild-Level-Up can now also be done by Generals+Vice+Master instead of only Master
    - Guild-Hunt GWH/Shilon can now also be booked from Generals+Vice+Master instead of only Vice+Masater
    - Guild-Hunt fixed a bug on registration, if your guild is stuck in reservation mode you can now finish your registration.
    - Quests Barsha Small Kiold Quests lime decreased
    - Group Quests, increased gained Item to x2 Regent Chip 1, increased EXP, increased monster need to finish quest

  • 11.11.2022 - Update

    Version 1.93:
    - Added 3 NPC's for Football Costumes (LP Shops with no costs)
    - Added functionality for upgrading %Def rate on 28x and 32x Armor (more on FAQ)
    - Added 3 - Man Group Quests to the Game (You can receive those with AMR Group, can be purchased with LP and Lime

  • 01.11.2022 - Update

    Version 1.92:
    - Changed, Evolution Bracelet and Antique Ring Absorb-Rate are now added together, instead of only using the highest rate on 1 Item

  • 26.10.2022 - Update

    Version 1.91:
    - Added High-Quallity Hyper Capsules to NPC in Dekardie Fields
    - Added 200 Stack Skulls + Instant Potion to Potions NPC
    - Fixed a bug 345+ Dyor Quests are now back into AMR

  • 21.10.2022 - Update

    Version 1.90:
    - Modified Halloween Event running from (21. - 31. October)
    - Disabled S1 and above Quests

  • 14.10.2022 - Update

    Version 1.89:
    - Homepage added Jin-Weapon % Sheet
    - Homepage added 28x/32x ArmorDEF % Sheet
    - PvM added kumulative dmg to normal dmg because kumulative dmg is not working on Monsters
    - Added yellow information to Scrolls (Fire,Water,Light,..) for which stat it is used.
    - Reduced Miss-Rate from Kalipton&Bulkan to unrandomize the dmg-output a bit more.
    - Added more defence & logging to the server
    - PvP Bulkan increased DMG
    - Original Tree Event decreased spawntime

  • 06.10.2022 - Update

    Version 1.88:
    - Aidian summoned flower disappear on reuse (so Flower can now be recasted)
    - Aidian summoned flower fixed a bug on using recall device, and an NPC got the life bar from a summoned flower and cannot be attacked anymore.
    - Increased droprate QuakeStone
    - GWH-Castle deactivated stacked potions
    - CastleWar decreased DMG dealt by crystal holder (200% -> 150%)
    - Beargrid reduced spawn time from monsters (Raven Mage, Volcanic Punch, Iron Dragon, Dread Templar)
    - deactivated Perom on character creation.

  • 30.09.2022 - Update

    Version 1.87:
    - LP Shop Dmitron and Turan Warp are now time limited items (24 Hours) and will not disappeared on usage
    - Barsha Key-Quest changed amount of needed Monsters from 75 to 50 each
    - Quests increased Lime/Cursed Quests with max. Lv. 350 to max. Lv. 355
    - Added an increased upgrade chance on 210jin/260jin/320 Weapons after each fail with an Great Stone. More Details on Discord

  • 22.09.2022 - Update

    Version 1.86:
    - enabled Regent chip class 1 to monster drops
    - added new Event "Random Event", more informations on Discord
    - QoL - Items f.e. Great Diamonds, can now be double rightklicked to transfer 10x instead of only 1 item
    - Balkaryia Key-Quest changed Bone Kiold to Faivz
    - Barsha Key-Quest changed to 75x Faivz+Ant+Descon
    - Added Wand Charger Lv.3+4 to Paros NPC
    - added an lang.ini to game folder, so people can set the LangType variable itself. Because some users having problems since the special character patch. So its possible now, with setting this variable from 6 -> 0 in the lang.ini to having the old state with less bugs, but also no special caracters.

  • 14.09.2022 - Update

    Version 1.85:
    - Bulkan Sword decreased Sword Master hidden multiplier from 30% to 35%
    - Aidian Summonfire fixed a bug where it does 0 Dmg if your on max range
    - Replaced Queiz "Str_Spit worm" with "Str_Kargol" in Quests
    - 275 Map Keys to enter boss rooms, can now put into personal storage
    - Aidian Summons will get a multiplier on HP if they reach a certain defence. See more on Discord FAQ channel.
    - LP-Shop AMR-PRO will not get any Dyor-Quests anymore, only lime or cursed quests. If there's no quest in your range available, a message will appear.

  • 28.08.2022 - Update

    Version 1.84:
    - Homepage added Lv. 320 Weapon to Weapon report
    - Activated Lv. 320 Weapon NPC in GWH (Lv. 350 Weapon not possible yet)
    - Bulkan Sword decreased Sword Master hidden multiplier from 40% to 30%
    - Increased Beargrid 28x Droprate and 261 Weapon Droprate on normal Monsters

  • 25.08.2022 - Update

    Version 1.83:
    - Fixed New Paros monster collision
    - Hybrid Hammer+Sword decreased overall DMG by 20%
    - Hybrid Hammer+Sword added scaling effect (which will easily compensate the over DMG decrease)
    - Hammer Hybrid Skills increased DMG on single target by ~30%
    - Bulkan Sword increased Sword Master hidden multiplier from 20% to 40%
    - Kalipton removed a hidden multiplier on 320 Weapons
    - Hybrid Skill Shadow Slash added popup information of requirements

  • 21.08.2022 - Update

    Version 1.82:
    - Reactivated Jewel Exchanger in Laglamia (was not causing the Problem)
    - Fixed a Bug which could crash Laglamia

  • 14.08.2022 - Update

    Version 1.81:
    - Reactivated Jewel Exchanger in Laglamia
    - Closed Event-Server (cleaned up the rest)
    - Homepage added quest filter by zone
    - //trade command now works
    - Client disabled chat filter ( i think we are all adults, so we don't need those )
    - Client Chat enabled german special characters
    - Increased Memory Warp save points from 10 -> 15
    - LP-Shop added 7 days pets
    - Decreased quest monsters for 275 map keys

  • Nostalgic feeling event
    from 22-07-2022 to 07-08-2022
    don't miss it!
    More information on Discord (faq-events channel)

  • 20.07.2022 - Update

    Version 1.80:
    - Increased Regent Droprate from regular monsters (higher maps, higher chance)
    - Changed needed Monster Level for Regent Drop from 301 -> 300
    - Added NPC in Laglamia to exchange rough gems+ LP to perfect gems
    - Fixxed Searoost lucky moment drop (could drop a costume item with def stat)
    - Added functionality for castle owner to pay into the castle, for put money in, just write negative numbers f.e. -1000

  • 13.07.2022 - Update

    Version 1.79:
    - Announced "Nostalgic feeling event" from 22-07-2022 to 07-08-2022 more information on Discord
    - Fixxed a bug on killing 275 Map bosses where you dont get ported out
    - Added Barsha + Queiz + Beargrid 275 map bosses and drops
    - 275 Map Bosses standard drop Regen Chip Class 1 is now possible a complete Regent Diamond (Turan 20%, Balkariya 40%, Barsha 60%, Queiz 80%, Beargrid 100%)
    - Fixxed a bug, Pets/Feragons with RangedDef >100 got no dmg from magic monsters

  • 08.06.2022 - Update

    Version 1.78:
    - Barsha/Queiz/Beargrid fixed key drops on monsters
    - LP-Shop CatchUP Added x3 XP 250-259 -> 20 LP
    - LP-Shop CatchUP Lowered x2 XP 250-259 - 20LP -> 10LP
    - LP-Shop CatchUP Added x2 XP 270-279 -> 20 LP
    - LP-Shop CatchUP Added Turan Warp (min. level 250)
    - LP-Shop CatchUP Added timed 18x Weapon+4

  • 01.06.2022 - Update

    Version 1.77:
    - Opened all 275 Maps (Barsha - Queiz - Beargrid) + Quests [Bosses not included yet. Will come in future Update, Keys could be found and Quest for Keys could be done yet]
    - Added save drop Grade 1 Regent to 275 Map Bosses

  • 18.05.2022 - Update

    Version 1.76:
    - Balkariya Bosses reduced spawn time 3 hours -> 15 minutes (was in the last server restart included)
    - Fixed a Bug where specific items disappeared in a UserShop if it is closed due to a Game Disconnect.
    - Fixed a Bug where it shows sylph rune stone always as possible option, even if item is full of sylph rune stones.

  • 27.04.2022 - Update

    Version 1.75:
    - Aidian Flower decreased DMG 30%
    - F1 Help windows only available in Laglamia
    - World-Buff description now don't show false % on mouse over description
    - Magria Maps (Turan/Balkariya/...) activated Aidian Group Summon ability
    - Balkariya Castle Key Quest now available on NPC in Balkariya
    - Balkariya Bosses have the same rules as Turan Bosses (see more on FAQ-Discord channel)

  • 20.04.2022 - Update

    Version 1.74:
    - Feragon DEF bugfix Skill Level 90 Life expansion now working
    - Star Candy, bugfix killing Aidian Flowers
    - Pet LP-Capsule x2 Exp, bugfix never runs out until you warp or using a new one
    - Opened-Map Balkariya with Quests (No Bosses/Keys yet), adjustments in XP may be possible, in future updates, feel free to give me your feedback

  • 14.04.2022 - Update

    Version 1.73:
    - PvP Fixed a bug where normal Hit not charge Slayer
    - PvP some balances (not finished yet, thanks to my little helpers)
    - Bugfix Turan Boss 'berserker', warp into the room, is now more central, so you shouldn't get bugged out, after warping in.
    - Turan Key-Quest reduced Monsters from 200 -> 150 per Quest
    - Implemented and activated the Special Easter Event (more on FAQ)
    - For information, there will be no change in Mission Receiver Pro
    - Added Pet-Catch-Up Pills to LP-SHOP (only for Labiyong, not for Feragons)

  • 06.04.2022 - Update

    Version 1.72:
    - Genus Labor fixed a bug with warp to dmitron not working if character is to far away from warp NPC
    - Added Premium Feature to owner of horse pets (jeokma, cheongma), Characters with equipped Pet can now warp from Laglamia to Genus (needed level 275) and Dmitron (needed level 300).
    - Added new Item "Amplified Mission Receiver Pro" to LP-Shop. This mission receiver will give you only quests within the current map you are in. If there is no Lime/Exp Quest available there will only be Dyor Quests.
    - Client Fixed a Bug with XP-Bar on Level 340+

  • 30.03.2022 - Update

    Version 1.71:
    - Aidian Summon Fission reduced Cooldown 10 -> 8 seconds
    - Aidian Increased Weapon scaling (like Human) 10% more base damage
    - Dmitron and above Mutant Monsters now dropping Regent-Chips
    - Serpent-Queen Spawn-Timer from 53h to original 48h
    - Turan Memory Warp can now be used
    - Turan Added Quest-NPC (sells a Quest Scroll and you will get 1 Turan Castle Key if you complete the Quest)

  • 23.03.2022 - Update

    Version 1.70:
    - Hammer-Hybrid fixxed a bug where Stone Burst hit everytime, it should only hit on a % probability and thats now back to the original value (65%)
    - Added Winter Knight Summon Stone (NPC in Dmitron & Turan)
    - Turan reduced EXP from STR_Raptoroid
    - Durant spawntime corrected to 4 hours (before 4.5 hours)
    - Turan Bosses adjusted droprate and difficulty
    - Turan Bosses respawn time set to 15 minutes
    Turan Boss Information:

    Turan Bosses works the same as Dekaran Bosses. Each unique character also has to be a unique player in order to do the bosses that day. If the same player uses multiple accounts to exploit it, ban may be considered. Each Boss (3 different Bosses in all) can be done once per day. If your doing a boss twice a day the boss will drop nothing. The timer will be resetted on midnight server time.

    Turan Bosse funktionieren wie Dekaran Bosse. Jeder Charakter muss ein eigenständiger Spieler sein und dieser Spieler kann die Bossrunde nur 1x am Tag machen. Wenn ein Spieler mehrere Accounts gleichzeitig spielt um die Turan Bosse zu töten behalte ich mir vor diese Accounts zu bannen. Jeder Boss (3 verschiedene Bosses gesamt) können je 1x am Tag gemacht werden. Wenn derselbe Boss ein 2tes mal am Tag von einem Charakter getötet wird so dropt der Boss nichts. Der Timer wird um Mitternacht zurückgesetzt.

  • 19.03.2022 - Update

    Version 1.69:
    - Serpent Queen added missing save Regent-Diamond on Droplist
    - Added Turan Quests (starting from 301 to 350)
    - Increased Turan Monster Exp/Lime rewards by 25%
    - Increased Human Shield 30% Physical absorb to 40%, like the description says
    - Increased Kalipton Shield from 25% to 40%
    - Kalipton fixxed a bug where AoE DMG is capped at some point. (i just removed the cap)

  • 16.03.2022 - Update

    Version 1.68:
    - Opened Map Turan
    - Increased Rough Regent Droprate (Zone Dmitron and above)
    - Added Regent Chip drop (Zone Dmitron and above)
    - Medusa -25% Life
    - Jin-Weapon upgrade up to +10
    - Reduced spawn time Mouel 12h -> 4h
    - Reduced spawn time Durant 12h -> 4h
    - Increased Strongbox Droprate (Gold/Platinum)
    - Activated Paros Lucky-Moments (Drops up to 25x Armor and 21x Weapon)
    - Added Skill Scroll 6-10 drops
    - Hammer-Hybrid Tornado Hammer 25 Points 100% -> 85% (can be upgraded to 30 Point and has then 110%)
    - Fixxed message bug, when you skill character points higher than 900 than it shows the number 1400, now it shows the correct 900.
    - Added Skill-Scroll 6-10 to Platinum-Box rewards (lowered chance on Summons-Stones + Grindstones)
    - LP-SHOP Added x2 Exp Catch-Up capsules from Level 260-269
    - Human collect component shows now an error in chat, if inventory 1 is full.
    - 210-Weapon and 25x Armor increased upgrade chance from 50% -> 55%

  • 08.03.2022 - Update

    Version 1.67:
    - CastleOwner Autorefill option after restart is setted to "ON"
    - CastleOwner Autorefill cost 12.000 -> 5.000

  • 09.02.2022 - Update

    Version 1.66:
    - Increased Gold+Platin Strongbox droprates in all zones

  • 02.02.2022 - Update

    Version 1.65:
    - Added new Event-Wear to LP-SHOP
    - Activated Special Carneval EVENT (LP-SHOP will sell Event-Wear for free)

  • 27.01.2022 - Update

    Version 1.64:
    - Fixed a bug where it was possible that it says "skill not ready"

  • 19.01.2022 - Update

    Version 1.63:
    - Hammer-Hybrid reflect aura DMG Absorb 30% -> 20%
    - Hammer-Hybrid reflect aura fixxed a bug where reflect dmg does 10x dmg in zone Shilon
    - Bulkan 300 Skill from 35 Points -> 30 Points
    - Bulkan 300 Skill changed %DMG so it fit with 30 points
    - Hammer-Hybrid 300 Skill from 35 Points -> 30 Points
    - Hammer-Hybrid fixed a bug where Bash Skill removed Red aura from Aidian (only visibility, dmg does cont).
    - Hammer-Hybrid using Time-Charge on DStone continues attack on current monster after cast is done.
    - Hammer-Hybrid fixed a bug where Quake-Stone only attacking 1 Monster instead of max 10 monsters
    - Dekardi Field added NPC for 100,120 and 150 set armor pieces
    Dekaran Changes:
    - Ren Genus Bosses door key can be purchased from the LP Store in Lag for 20 LP or alternatively the lime shop in Dakaren.
    - Instant average level > 200, changed the rooms behind the key locked door in 1st floor to Genus Labor like Rooms.
    - 1 character can only do 8 boss kills, after that the character does not receive drops.
    - Ren Genus Bosses will reset at 00:00 server time.
    - Drop Chance increases/scales according to the number of players -> The more player the higher the chance
    - Players MAY NOT run 8 bosses on their main character and then run 8 bosses on their secondary character. Ren Genus Bosses are limited to 8 per day, per PERSON, not CHARACTER. Players who get caugh will receive an perm ban.

  • 13.01.2022 - Update

    Version 1.62:
    - Hammer Hybrid Bash DMG 100% -> 80%
    - Hammer Hybrid Tornado Hammer DMG 100% -> 80%

  • 12.01.2022 - Update

    Version 1.61:
    - Hammer Hybrid Bash AoE DMG 0.8 -> 0.7
    - Hammer Hybrid Tornado Hammer AoE DMG 0.8 -> 0.7
    - Hammer Hybrid DMG-Formular fix (low Hammer do a bit more dmg, high Hammer a bit less)
    - Aidian Party Menu Buff final server side fix, should not get notes and aura same time now

  • 10.01.2022 - Update

    Version 1.60:
    - Increased Regent Diamond Droprate from Paros Dragons
    - Human 275 Skill Auto Mine 200% -> 300%
    - Aidian Party Menue buffing, fixed a bug where it was possible to give themself aura while having notes.

  • 04.01.2022 - Update

    Version 1.59:
    - Evo Encounter Advanced Shi/GWH nerfed
    - EE-Registration fixed a bug, if a EE-Advanced is cancelled the state of Advanced is not removed, so if another guild book a normal EE, it will be an Advanced EE.
    - EE-Registration fixed a bug, if E-Ball is in exchange window it does registrate as Advanced, but Ball get not removed.
    - Hybrid Sword AoE Combo Attack 70% DMG -> 80% DMG

    Aidian Balancing:
    - Added Scaling on Weapon like human with factor 100 (High level rings have a high increase on DMG later 261 Jin [leads to 15%~ increase Damage on Jin 261+6], as lower the weapons as less the %increased Damage)
    - Flower DMG decreased from 400% -> 300% (still worth using)
    - Increased Summon Fission hidden multiplier from 0.7 -> 0.8
    - Increased Summon Fission AoE DMG from 60% -> 70%
    - Increased 300 Skill from 520% -> 700%

  • 31.12.2021 - Update

    Version 1.58:
    - Fixxed Human Auto Mine 275 Skill. Shows now correct % of the skill in info popup.
    - Hybrid Sword AoE Combo Attack 80% -> 70% DMG
    - Hybrid Hammer all skills now cost 50% less Mana

  • 29.12.2021 - Update

    Version 1.57:
    - Hybrid Sword Dash CD 2 Sec. -> 3 Sec.
    - Hybrid Sword AoE Combo Attack 110% -> 80% DMG
    - Hybrid Sword/Hammer Iron-Skin now also scales with Strengh AND Constitution
    - Hybrid fixed a few ingame hidden multipliers only has effects on Hammer Hybrid.
    (Hybrid is not finished yet, just a step between.)
    - EE Advanced reduced monster spawn

  • 23.12.2021 - Update

    Version 1.56:
    - Nerfed Advanced-EE Shilon+ Advanced-EE GWH
    - Human scaling balance patch (more on discord)
    - Fixed a bug where x3 capsules do not work properly with x3 event

  • 19.12.2021 - Update

    Version 1.55:
    - Nerfed Advanced-EE Shilon+ Advanced-EE GWH
    - Buffed GWH EE Monster
    - Increased XP on Advanced EE and GWH
    - All EvolutionEncounter Increased Droprate Ancient 261 Item 10% -> 40%
    - GWH Increased Droprate Evo Item 50% -> 60%
    - Shilon Advanced EE Increased Droprate Regent 40% -> 60%
    - GWH Advanced EE Increased Droprate Regent 50% -> 70%
    - GWH Advanced EE Decreased Droprate GD 50% -> 30%
    - Increased Dyor Quest Drops x2
    - Increased Dyor Quest Ancient Droprate x4
    - Increased Genus Bosses 261 + Regent Droprate
    - Increased Dmitron XP mulitplier x2 -> x3
    - Added Dmitron Durant Regent Drop (same as Mouel)
    - Soul Reaper (SR) activated 261 Weapons (like it was Original)
    - Increased Chance (alot) on Christmas Balls on Special Christmas Event
    - LP-Shop added FireCracker limited (150pcs), buying that supporting this server and decided about the Events for the next week.
    - Fixxed a bug on declaring Shilon Castle war

  • 14.12.2021 - Update

    Version 1.54:
    - Hybrid Armors 21x / 22x / 25x can now be exchanged to another race and back, like other races
    - Fixxed a bug where it was possible to do an equal party after Guardian mode was finished
    - Evolution Encounter increased Monsterrate after Crystal Kill in all Evolution Encounters
    - Evolution Encounter added Evolution Ball to LP-Shop + Lime Shop (Shilon+GWH) to make an Evolution Encouter to an Advanced Evolution Encounter on registration.
    - Evolution Encounter GWH opened
    - Evolution Encounter added Advanced Mode to Shilon + GWH
    - Fixxed a zone crash bug, if a kalipton uses wand without an mainweapon equipped

  • 08.12.2021 - Update

    Version 1.53:
    - Guardian System are now activated, from Level 1-150. As Guardian you has to be Level 250.
    - Adjusted CatchUp XP Pills, now are up to Level 259
    - LP-Shop Added Yarn Bracelet for Level 101-250 (giving x5 XP for each Quest, when Medals are used)
    - LP-Shop Added Dmitron-Warps with Level 250
    - LP-Shop Added Dmitron-Warps with Level 275
    - Hybrid-Hammer balanced Quakestone
    - Aidian fixxed a bug where summon fission don't hit radar monsters
    - Aidian checked summon fission PvP, works with hold-down ctrl-key
    - Implemented NPC 'Collector Jelystar' he will exchange your Epsilon/Procyon/Polaris/Aldevaran Stones with a Potion Stack 10 for 5000 Instant Recovery. (costs 1.000 Lime each Stone)
    - Evolution-Encounter Drop-Rate x2 on monsters (x2 from Server Buff had no effect on this)
    - Genus-Labor increased Regent Droprate
    - Genus-Labor increased 26x Weapon Droprate

  • 01.12.2021 - Update

    Version 1.52:
    - Balanced Hammerhybrid, fixed some skill on Hammerhybrid. (still not worth to start with hammer, but later it will be a viable option. In my opinion at 275+).
    - Dmitron Map opened ( without any Map Buffs, maybe i adjust it in later patches )
    - All Strongboxes (Cobber/Silver/Gold/Platinum Boxes) got deleted
    - Strongboxes Items adjusted (its now possible to get Pets out of it).
    - BugFix MouseOver on GuildMembers on Map now shows their name correctly
    - Dekaren Legnock 250-274 adjustments
    - Special Christmas Event started (ends on 29. December Maintenance)

  • 25.11.2021 - Update

    Version 1.51:
    - Fixed a Bug in Dmitron where mouse-over on map closes the client
    - Fixed a Zone-Crash Bug in Dmitron and 300+ Maps
    - Dekaren added/adjusted Range Lvl 250-274, 275-300 Legnock
    - Balanced Lvl 300 Skills (except Hammer-Hybrid)
    - Integrated an Christmas Event (will be activated on 01. december Maintenance for 4 Weeks)

  • 17.11.2021 - Update

    Version 1.50:
    - Tried to change Genus Boss timers. Mouel should have now near exactly 12 hours. Bosses if Mouel dead should have 1.5 hours. (please confirm this).
    - Fixed Searoost Luckey-Moments (dont drop chips now, only perfect Gem/Weapon/Armor)
    - Added an Unstuck Button on Homepage (near the logout button)

    Hybrid Skill requirement changes, it should be clear that a Sword-Hybrid shouldnt use a "Stone" or the "reflect/dmg aura" from a Hammer Hybrid. Also a Hammer Hybrid shouldn't use Bleed.
    - Hybrid Adrenaline require Skill Heavy Mastery Points 5 -> 30
    - Hybrid Divine Stone require Skill Bash Lvl 30 + Heavy Master Lvl 30
    - Hybrid Reflection require Skill Bash lvl 30 + Heavy Master lvl 30

  • 14.11.2021 - Update

    Version 1.49:
    - Aidian Bloxer-Explosion Single-Target from 1.2 -> 1.0
    - Aidian Flower DMG 1.5 -> 1.4
    - Changed Dekaran Lvl.250 LegKnock Regent Droprate 32% -> 20%
    - Started Test-Server, aktivated Client-Dmitron (Can be tested on Test-Server now)

  • 10.11.2021 - Update

    Version 1.48:
    - Soul-Reaper life back to Original
    - Hybrid Evasion Skillbugfix, amount of Skillpoints are used for % Missrate (30 actually) instead of the real % number it gives 25%. Leads in Missrate nerf from 30% -> 25%
    - Fixed a Bug on Gem-Upgrade where the Money check was wrong (just the check not the exchange itself)
    - Fixed a Bug, Aidia buffing through party-menu now only possible, if character is not attacking
    - Kalipton dispell also works now through party-menu (only if character is not attacking)
    - Modified Party-Menue, now shows if player is in range (will get a bit more grey if not) and buffs
    - Aidian fixed a bug where Flowers can attack Ghost-Monsters

  • 03.11.2021 - Update

    Version 1.47:
    - Skills are now from F1 to F11 possible. (F9 for toggle menues are now on 'K' / F11 for toggle Info-Box f.e. 'reached Meta...' are now on 'L')
    - Aidian Bubbles/MusicNotes/DMGBuff can now be applied to Partymembers, through right-clicking on their name on the Party-Menue-List. (Like you are 'mouse over' on the character). Do not work with ressurrection.
    - Fixed a bug while Spirit is active, that there was a invisible window, if you click on that your character don't move.
    - Changed EE-Shilon, registration is now possible on today's EE.
    - Fixed Aidian Flower do not attack another Flower
    - Fixed Aidian Ressurrection Bug, where dead players with "standing bug" cannot be ressurrected.
    - Increased Bulkan Hell-Cry Skill-DMG
    - Increased Bulkan Hell-Cry AoE-DMG from 70% -> 85%
    - Changed Skilldescription Bulkan/Hybrid Recovery Skill to "Your Vitality potion recovery is increased."
    - Increased Recovery Skill Bulkan/Hybrid from 25% -> 50%
    - Hybrid Increased Iron-Skin back 10% -> 20%
    - EE-Boss - Evo-Droprate increased from 30% -> 60%
    - EE-Boss - Ancient 261-Weapon Items increased from 3% -> 10%
    - EE-Boss - 18x Weapon Droprate on EE increased from 10% -> 30%
    - Increased Regent-Droprate on Paros Dragons x2
    - Increased Boss WarGiant Regent-Droprate
    - Changed Dekaran Lvl.250 LegKnock droprates (32% Chance for Regent Diamond / 24% on 25x)
    - Increased Chip-Droprate (everywhere)
    - Pet changed DEF formular like Character, so Defence is now more worth
    - Activated NPC to built 261-Weapons out of Ancient-Fragments
    - Added Gem-Trader-NPC in Laglamia to Exchange Gem with Great Gems
    - Strongbox are "upgraded", check new Droprates on Homepage
    - Activated Lucky-Moments in Searoost (Weapons up to Level 180 can be found)
    - LP-Shop Added for Catch-Up Weapons can now be borrowed for 1 Day up to Level 150+4
    - LP-Shop Added Item for Character rename (can only used 1 time a month, if your on cooldown your will get a error message 'incorrect username')
    - Changed Mouel Drops (drops now every armor) and has extra chance on rough Regent Diamond
    - For Diamond-fail compensation, because there are no Great Stones before, i calculated the fails devided by a number and gave out Great Diamonds (Check your Event Caru in Decardi Fields and Discord for more informations)

  • 27.10.2021 - Update

    Version 1.46:
    - Fixed GWH wrong Hail-Wizards
    - Change Character name Zanea -> Kubi
    - Removed the Diamond Buff with every + (it was implemented to compare the wrong GWH, now its not needed, the effekt was forgotten on Bulkans, so Bulkan stay at their current dmg on Diamond Weapons they never had the buff).
    - Decreased Kalipton Mana-Shield from 40% Absorb -> 25% Absorb
    - Decreased Hybrid Iron Skin Absorb from 20% -> 10% (Iron Skin on Hybrid has the same effekt as on Bulk, every 40x CON lead in 1% Absorb added)
    - Fixed a Bug in Bulkan 275 Skill Burning Crash, lead in 20% more Damage on Skill
    - Devil King increased Diamond rate (From 2:10 -> 4:10)
    - Grindstone price back to Original
    - Genus Labor has now an increased rough Diamond rate
    - Genus Labor has an 10% XP/Lime Buff
    - Implemented and activated Special Halloween-Event runs till 3rd October Maintenance (more Information on FAQ in our Discord)

  • 24.10.2021 - Update

    Version 1.45:
    - Aidian Flower changes to ghost, also deactivated PvP activity on flowers
    - Hybrid Changed Skill "Iron Muscle" to be skillable as Sword-Hybrid, too (will be adjusted if its too strong)
    - Pet-Ranking on Homepage shows Feragons now correctly
    - Weapon-Report Added JINs + 261 Weapons

  • 19.10.2021 - Update

    Version 1.44:
    - Fixed a Bug in GWH which will lead in 10% low Monster DMG and 10% increased dealt DMG to Monsters (does not count for Genus Labor / also effects Labyiong)
    - Modified DEF-Formular on Attack so DEF will lead in more constant reduced damage

  • 13.10.2021 - Update

    Version 1.43:
    - opened Genus Laboratory
    - activated Jin-Weapon maker NPC
    - implemented a function to autorefill in shilon for castle owner (only leader can activate it) (need further testing)

  • 06.10.2021 - Update

    Version 1.42:
    - Added DMG Bonus from Diamond-Weapon and above 1% increase for every + stage ( +15 = 15% ), Bonus DMG is not shown on Weapon.
    - Kalipton Mana-Shild AbsorbDMG 14% -> 40%
    - Kalipton SingleTarget Tornado DMG 1.2 -> 1.5
    - Kalipton SingleTarget Poisen DMG 1.0 -> 1.5
    - Kalipton Changed Formular for Second Weapon from (WAND_DMG+LVL+INT3) to (WAND_DMG+LVL+INT2+WEAPON%*2)
    - Human SingleTarget AirStrike DMG 0.8 -> 1.0
    - Aidia Single Target Explosion 1.0 -> 1.2
    - Aidia Flower DMG 1.3 -> 1.5
    - Hybrid Bleed Skill Change chance from 40% to 100%
    - Hybrid BleedDMG 100% -> 40%
    - LP-Shop added catchup 3x Level 151-200
    - LP-Shop added catchup 2x level 201-249
    - Removed reward Dragonball from EventNPC if up your pet to level 100
    - Increased droprate from Dragonball (theoretically every 30th MD drops it now)

  • 22.09.2021 - Update

    Version 1.41:
    - Reworked equal EXP gain (more on FAQ)
    - Added NPC-Lime 20% discount EVENT (and activated it)
    - Increased Diamond droprate slightly
    - Increased 210 Weapons from FDK slightly

  • 15.09.2021 - Update

    Version 1.40:
    - Aidia Blocker Explosion Bug fixed
    - Added Wand Charger Lv.1 to GWH NPC
    - Nerfed Level 250-299 LegKnock
    - Reduced LP Price from Spirit baby Red 800LP -> 600LP
    - PET Spirit Baby Red changed Information-Text (5% CritHit + 5% Counter Attack is correct).
    - LP SHOP Added 4 new (Left Slot) Pets
    - Adjusted Labiyoing recall deveice 50.000 -> 120.000 Lime

  • 03.09.2021 - Update

    Version 1.39:
    - Labyion after using Recall Device has now 100% Life like before Patch 1.38

  • 03.09.2021 - Update

    Version 1.38:
    - Nerf Labyion ond Mother Dragon (its just a small Nerf, you will be still able todo it with Labyion on a more higher level [tested])
    - Labyion after using Recall Device has now 10% Life instead of 100%

  • 01.09.2021 - Update

    Version 1.37:
    - Deactivated Weak-NPC Event
    - Activated Spirit-Event
    - Bugfix SoulReaper added missing Matrix Rifle
    - Increased Kalipton Tornado Single-Target DMG by 20%
    - Fixed Mother Dragon Regent Diamond Chip drops
    - Discord updated 'about-us' the server is NO TESTSERVER and will get no wipe!
    - Changed Quest Monsters from Paros-Quests

  • 25.08.2021 - Update

    Version 1.36:
    - Increased AOE Bulkan DMG to 70% and Main Monster get's now hit with 110% (Hellcry&Animation canceling leveling is not acceptable for me, if i see it as standard way to leveling, i will adjust/nerf again).
    - Incrase Human Air Strike and AOE from 60%->80%
    - Increase Aidia AOE from 70%->80%
    - GWH Spawn from Diamond Monster back to how it was (Collector and Harper stay as they are)
    - Increase Emerald droprate (because of less Emerald Monster in GWH Startzone)
    - Activated Weak-NPC Event (End on 01. September Maintenance)
    - Decreased One-Hit Rate if your under Freeze from 20% -> 10%
    - Removed One Hits from Chaos Monster (Valkyrie,Head Dragon,Antros, ... )
    - Increasaed Lime in Lime Quests for Level 250 and higher
    - Increased Equal-Party Experience/Lime Bonus from 25% -> 40%

  • 22.08.2021 - Update

    Version 1.35:
    - fixed a bug in Kalipton poisen skill which lead in more dmg
    - lowered Bulkan Hellcry AOE Dmg
    - tested GWH/DEF all on test-server, it is all fine, also tested with setted castlewar owner and explicit numbers not only feelings.
    - lowered Monster spawn in GWH
    - Fixed Level 260 Meta Quest (Human Escord from Dekadun to Dekardi)

  • 18.08.2021 - Update

    Version 1.34:
    - Increased rough Diamond droprate again
    - Gave guild lead from Avengers from ZEUS to BRUTE
    - NPC show now price on Stacked potions
    - Some wording fixed on NPC and Items.
    - Improved performance on right-click buy 10x Items on NPC

  • 15.08.2021 - Update

    Version 1.33:
    - Fixed a Bug on Castle Siege applyment that its possible to let a Castle War start at 00:00
    - Added Hybrid starter Armor to NPC in Laglamia
    - Changed stackable potions to not saleable to NPC
    - Zone Warp will not vanish from quickslot after you used it
    - BugFix GuildWarehouse now show item information on mouse over
    - game crash on click 'collect lime' on your shop/bunny fixed

  • 12.08.2021 - Update

    Version 1.32:
    - Increase Human collect rate
    - Spirit Event now only give capsules on reaching the goal (goal requirement for higher levels lowered)
    - Added Stack Potions NPC in different areas
    - Activated Shilon Castle War NPC
    - 2x and 3x Buff Capsules can now be stored in warehouse and used on different character
    - Nerfed Lime Quests from 188-249 by 30%
    - Buffed Lime Quest 250+ by 20%

  • 11.08.2021 - Update

    Version 1.31:
    - Increased rough Diamond droprate
    - Quest Rework (Lime increase, Cursed high level XP increase, Deleted Ran Quests and pushed it to DUN3/4)
    - Added stack potion 10/25/100 to NPC for Lime

  • 07.08.2021 - Update

    Version 1.30:
    - Homepage Bugfix Experience Report now works on players with level >250
    - Homepage Added Weapon Report
    - deactivated some Wednesday Messages about Carteseian Castle Siege.
    - Increased server monster performance (Monster should run more smooth now)
    - Removed Guard Captain from Shilon (should not be there, reskill comes from Boxes/LP Shop/Quests)
    - Added low level staffs to NPC Laglamia
    - Added FAQ about Equal-Party-EXP-Sharing (#1)
    - Boxes+Keys (coppert - platinum) do not drop on pet kills
    - Implemented Spirit Mode as EVENT (will not start before tree event runs out)

  • 03.08.2021 - Update

    Version 1.29:
    - Added Strong-Box and Keys ( Keys more rare then boxes, keys can also be bought in LP-Shop )
    - Added Strongbox Item-List to Homepage
    - Added Original-Tree Event (Event-Times will be Posted in Announcement)
    - Updated Client on Homepage with new Launcher and latest Patch
    - Decreased Lime needed to leave guild from 10.000.000 Lime -> 1.000.000 Lime
    - Reactivated Quests lvl 250-274. (Not all Quests can be done and make sense! It will not change and will be right if the content goes up.)
    - Decreased Soul-Reaper HP by 25%.

  • 30.07.2021 - Update

    Version 1.28:
    - Opened GWH !
    - Catch-UP Lvl. 1-150 2x -> changed to 3x in LP-Shop
    - Catch-UP Lvl. 151-200 2x -> Added to LP-Shop
    - Added saphire weapons to special droplist in Dun/Ran/Shilon and can now be dropped from every Monster with specific Lvl. (see Homepage for more Details). Tell me if i forgot a weapon!
    - Increased Rough Gems Droprate
    - Added GWH to Homepage

  • 25.07.2021 - Update

    Version 1.27:
    - Increased Base-DMG of Aidian slightly
    - Fixed Human Skill "Marksman-Ship" instead of ~130% DMG applied its now the correct ~30%.
    - Fixed Human Skill description of Semi-Automatic Skill
    - Tested balance of Hybrid
    - Activated EE-Shilon NPC (cost 3m Lime, for Castle Owner 2.7m)

  • 23.07.2021 - Update

    Version 1.26:
    - Fixed a Bug that some Accounts cannot create an Hybrider (possible at level 200)
    - Fixed a Bug where EXP Bar on Level 250+ show false informations
    - Added Low-Level Guns to Lost Realm Shop (missing in last update)
    - Activated Low-NPC's in Laglamia/Lost Realm, that new players have the possible to get the items they need (with Catch-Up Mechanics, its more difficult because they lvling to fast)
    - Adding WG and BWG to Homepage Drop list
    - Checked Party-Loot settings and added an FAQ (#11) entry
    - Guild Warehouse withdraw money/items is now available for rank Master+Vice+Generals, not only for Masters.
    - Removed Warehouse confirmation popup for Insert and Withdraw Items

  • 20.07.2021 - Update

    Version 1.25:
    - Fixed a Bug that Luckey-Item Drops only drops +0, now it can Drop up to +2,66
    - Fixed a Bug where every ~30 Hit does not count
    - Reduced cost from Grindstone / 4
    - Activated Low-NPC's in Laglamia/Lost Realm, that new players have the possible to get the items they need (with Catch-Up Mechanics, its more difficult because they lvling to fast)
    - Added Hybrid Hammer and Sword to NPC in Laglamia (Hybrid is not tested yet, play it on your own risk! It still can be nerfed/buffed, the Hybrider will be officially released with GWH Content Update)
    - Added Meta-Item Seller to Lost-Realm

  • 18.07.2021 - Update

    Version 1.24:
    - LP-Buff EXP Pills now continue after warp
    - Shop-Rightclick show now x10 in chat, instead of 10 single Messages
    - Shop-Items "Not Found!!" fixed + some corrections that it looks good now
    - Ancient Ring 1-5 now changed no "max. Level" so it can be wear/sold any time, an additional info says correct level range. So you can wear it with higher level (and sell it to NPC) but the effects on Ancient Ring does not count if you outrange the Level in Info-Text. (tested)
    - Homepage added Guild Names to ranking
    - Fixed a Bug that Luckey Moments only go up to Level 200, its now possible to get Luckey Moments in Shilon up to Level 230. See Discord FAQ for more informations
    - Homepage, prepared for Castle Owner Information under Server-Informations
    -Equal Party condition is increased from 30 Lvl. difference to 50 Lvl.

  • 14.07.2021 - Update

    Version 1.23:
    - Moved Game-Server to new more powerfull Server
    - Homepage now Hosted on old Game-Server, should more stable now!
    - Removed Soul Powder from LegNock Droplist
    - Bugfix no more Bulkan Slayer debug information in chat on attack
    - Homepage added Guild Names to ranking
    - Fixed a Bug that Luckey Moments only go up to Level 200, its now possible to get Luckey Moments in Shilon up to Level 230. See Discord FAQ for more informations
    - LP-Shop added Item to rename a Guild (only once a month allowed)
    - Fixed a bug where some people getting always disconnects when they try to login
    - Dekaran shows now the Instance Level on Entry or Party changes (It's not allowed to abuse changes on Instant Level while in mid of the Instance)
    - Dekaran Floor 2 NPC has now all Stuff you need not only Potions
    - Aidian Resurrection processbar speed is now faster (depending on Skill Level, higher level = faster)
    - BugFix Ancient Ring now shows correct Max-Level

  • 09.07.2021 - Update

    Version 1.22:
    - increased Platinum maker NPC success rate (Information how todo, is on Discord FAQ)
    - LP-Shop added x2 Experience for Level 1 - 150 Characters (Catch up mechanic)
    - LP-Shop addes Costume Samurai

  • 06.07.2021 - Update

    Version 1.21:
    - Balanced LegNock Damage+Life (Ran Level 150-200-250)
    - reduced number of Antros in devil king room from 10 to 5
    - Added NPC to Ran Floor 2 ( Only Potions available )
    - Added LP-Costumes Pierrot + Giraffe
    - Added Guild-Upgrade Item to LP-Shop
    - Homepage fixed bug, that LegNock shows no drops
    - Increased LegNock Droprate

  • 02.07.2021 - Update

    Version 1.20:
    - Activated Yarn's Bracelet Level 1-100 can now bought in Laglamia (Quests will give 5x XP)
    - Testet Shilon Castle war, started by GM (first war has to be started from GM)
    - Testet GWH Castle war, started by GM (no registration possible yet)
    - Set Guild War Price to 10.000.000 Lime
    - Activate NPC - Guild Hunt Shilon (Evolution Encouter) - 3 Million Lime each Encounter
    - Guild Hunt Shilon (Evo-Encounter), fixed a bug that reservation doesn't save in database
    - Increased rough Ruby drop a little (again)

  • 27.06.2021 - Update

    Version 1.19:
    - Increased rough Ruby drops a little
    - Reworked Lucky-Events up to Level 249 (Zones Laglamia, Lost-Realm, Dekadun, Dekaran, Shilon), No more "Gem Chips" in drop-list.
    - Costume-Shop Update "Fight Club"

  • 23.06.2021 - Event

    Event - Advertising:

    Make some advertising and get some special!

    Post me where you have done advertising, if a player or more comes from this source and reach level 100 you will get a free Weapon upgrade!

    ( only to +4, on +5 you will get an Great Gem to try +5 without risk to +0. Only for Weapons level <170.)

  • 23.06.2021 - Update

    Version 1.18:
    - LP-Shop Added Loudspeaker to Shoutout to whole server
    - LP-Shop Added Bank extend (1 Slot / 2 Slot / 3 Slot - 30 Days or 3 Slots 90 Days)
    - Removed Defence Stat from Costume
    - Added LP-Shop for Costumes
    - HP - Added Mace-Cabal to Dekaran Monsterlist (different from Dun Mace-Cabal)

  • 21.06.2021 - Update

    Version 1.17:
    - Added some Wolfen to Dekaran first Room, so its possible to get AMR
    - Changed Chat Whisper to Yellow, Whisper Filter on Bottom is now working
    - Fixed LP-Shop Incubation Items now show correct Time
    - Fixed MSGBOX from Yan-Bracelet on Character-LevelUp > 100

  • 19.06.2021 - Update

    Version 1.16:
    - Client Added Hotkey Z for Social Menu
    - HomePage Quest-Overview added filtering
    - Fixed Bunny-Shop error "only available for payed-user"
    - Changed Horn Bug Ring Droprate (same as other weapons on this level)
    - Fixed 1 Quest from Dekaran Text from Skeleton Soldier -> Skeleton Wizard (Quest with 73512xp)

  • 15.06.2021 - Update

    Version 1.15:
    - Balanced Aidian Flower DMG (there is still a little bug, that sometimes you cannot attack a Monster, you need then go out of range and go back in, decide yourself if you want to skill it)
    - Changed Dupe-Rack-Harpoon Drop-List (removed Mighty Staff, added Phoenix Ring)
    - Added Sealoost + Pharos to Client/Server/HP(Quest/Drop)
    - Fixed/Changed Donor-System for LP (should work instantly now)
    - Some Text Fixes

    The Server is ready to Start! Be ready for the 18-06-2021 !

  • 05.06.2021 - Update

    Version 1.14:
    - Increased Ring/Necklace/Bracelet Droprate (2)
    - Increased Special Stats on Ring/Necklace (4)

  • 04.06.2021 - Update

    Version 1.13:
    - Increased Quest-XP (x2)
    - Increased Gem-Drop-Rate (x2)
    - Experience changed to (x2)
    - Item-Drop-Rate (x2)
    - Lime (x1)
    - Fixed Aidian Summon Stone (unlimitted time)

  • 02.06.2021 - Announcement

    Live-Server start on 18-06-2021
    Test-Server shutdown on 11-06-2021

  • 26.05.2021 - Update

    Version 1.12:
    - Deaktivated Lvl 101-249 Yans Quest within Client&Server
    - Fixed HP Score only show extra HP if it really applies from something
    - Fixed Aidian Summon Stones drop to Zero Seconds after they disappear.
    - Added "CashShop-Items-NPC"
    - Homepage modified Full-Ranking view

  • 25.05.2021 - Update

    Version 1.11:
    - Fixed Dekarand cannot attack Monster from Safezone
    - Fixed Login-Message ("Go To WebSite") now translated again

  • 24.05.2021 - Update

    Version 1.10:
    - Fixed Character Models to Original Version
    - Fixed Text for Pet Create Capsules
    - Changed Guild Creation costs to only 20.000.000 Lime and no extra Item
    - Discord fixed shown channels on server join
    - Fixed Text for Character creation wait time
    - Homepage Added Special Droplists to Zones
    - Fixed Lucky-Item-Drops + Rate + Items (Every Lucky now give an drop)
    - Activated 6x XP+DROP (not for Live Server, just for testing higher Levels)
    - Homepage Added Legnock (Dekaran-Boss) Drop-Lists

  • 22.05.2021 - Update

    Version 1.09:
    - Balanced Kalipton early Level DMG Output
    - Fixed Pet-Production NPC (making capsules)
    - Fixed Guildmember-Menu translation
    - Fixed Aid-Skill Teleport Zero CD -> 2 Second CD
    - Balanced Monster Cutter Lizard on Shilon new XP 4455 + Increased Life

  • 21.05.2021 - Update

    Version 1.08:
    - Opened Map Dekaran Dungeon
    - Opened Map Shilon Fields
    - Homepage Added Dekadun Monsters
    - Homepage Quest+Monster Added Dekaran+Shilon

  • 20.05.2021 - Update

    Version 1.07:
    - Server Upgraded (Monster movements should now be "okay")
    - Homepage Added Dekadun Quests
    - Homepage Added Dekadun Monsters
    - Opened Map Dekadun
    - Text-Changes on adding Gnome/Nymph/Syloph Stones to gear

  • 17.05.2021 - Update

    Version 1.06:
    - Bugfix Items 'with Not Found' shown now correctly
    - Bugfix //selfrefine is now working
    - Bugfix //timecheck is now working

  • 16.05.2021 - Update

    Version 1.05:
    - Homepage Added Monster Grem to LRC
    - Bugfix LRC Monster Lvl in Display Name
    - Bugfix with Quest Pro King Giant (could be done multiple times)
    - Bugfix Mission Receiver only Cursed quests
    - Bugfix Items "very fast" to standard settings

  • 16.05.2021 - Update

    Version 1.04:
    - Homepage Added Monster Lists (incl. DropLists) for Laglamia/LRC
    - Homepage Added paginator for News
    - Launacher Added paginator
    - Homepage Added Quest-List
    - Homepage Added Full-Ranking

  • 13.05.2021 - Update

    Version 1.03:
    - Dekardi opened and adjusted to old rates
    - Special Drop List fix (Aidian Wings dropping now)
    - Removed sort button on inventar (causing disconnects)
    - translated bank extend message
    - XP Bar fix
    - removed box drops

  • 10.05.2021 - Update

    Version 1.02:
    - Clientfix for maybe the Crashes
    - Changed more Font for better experience
    - Removed Guild Battle from Guild Menue
    - Removed Bottom "Event Icons" from Game
    - Small Changes on User Interface

  • 08.05.2021 - Update

    Version 1.01:
    - Changed Font for better experience
    - Changed some text from korean to english
    - Fixed a bug in low level mission receiver
    - Added TOP 5 Ranking on WebSite
    - Added account LP Information on WebSite
    - Added donation function to help the server and get LP to your account

  • 03.05.2021 - Download available
    Download is now working!
    The inital Game-Client with Launcher are up, try it out now!.

    Version 1.00 Inlcudes these:
    - only contains Laglamia map
    - Original Monster Health x1
    - Original Monster XP-Gain x1
    - Original Item-Drop-Rate x1
    - GEM class 3 to rough GEM increased x1.5
    - No Character LeveUP Extra HP
    - No Spirit Mode (can be discussed on discord)
    - To make it even harder, no NPC's with gear available
    - No stackable potions available

  • 27.04.2021 - Test-Server opened
    You can now register an website and game account.
    The creation is for the Test-Server.
    Live-Server has no ETA yet and will be announced 2 weeks before it starts.